Photographer KOHJI MASUMOTO  増元幸司

From life work to commercial photography.





From women's magazines of all ages to trade magazines, from people to products and dishes, regardless of genre, we accept shooting in magazine media and the Web. On the other hand, we are also holding a photo exhibition, producing "corpse thought" and new "existence thought" as life work, which we have been shooting for more than 20 years.

I hope you can see some of them.

神楽坂スタジオと提携 Partnership with Kagurazaka Studio


I shoot a wide range from product photography to portrait photography. In the studio where you can take a full-body picture of a person, in addition to the situation that imaged Southern France, there are also plaster-like uneven walls and Gothic-like walls. Of course, you can also shoot with back paper. We look forward to your continued patronage.